Rules, Terms and Conditions

Team Composition and Eligibility:

  • Each team must have a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of four (4) members (“Applicants”).
  • All Applicants must be enrolled full-time at a university during the Fall 2021 semester and must maintain their student status throughout the competition period.
  • Applicants can register for one team only. Those enrolled in multiple teams will be immediately disqualified.
  • Once a team is registered, no alternates or substitutions of applicants are permitted on the team.
  • In case a team member withdraws from a team, the team must still have a minimum of two (2) original team members in order to maintain eligibility.
  • Employees or the immediate family members of employees of VinUniversity or VinFast are not eligible to participate.


  • Registration and participation are free.
  • At registration, please have the following required information ready:
    • Team members’ Full Name, University Name, Area of Study, Level of Study, Country of Study, Expected Year of Graduation
    • Team’s name
    • Identify a team leader who will be the primary point of contact for VGCC.
  • All teams must complete the online registration via our Account Portal before 12PM (GMT+7), October 15th, 2021, in order to be entered into the competition. No other forms of registration will be accepted. Incomplete registrations will be disqualified.
  • All communications and correspondences (including result announcements) will be sent to the email address of the Team Leader identified in the registration.
  • Note: For teams that advance to the second round, proof of current student status will be required. This could be an official letter on a university letterhead or email, a copy of the most recent transcript or any other official document that will confirm the current, full-time status of each team member.

Faculty Advisors:

  • We strongly encourage teams to have a faculty advisor. Teams with faculty advisors will be considered stronger teams. However, this is not a requirement for participation.
  • The role of the faculty advisor is to provide advice and guidance to the teams for case analysis principles and planning in general.

Case Release and Submission:

  • Case Release: The case will be distributed at 12PM (GMT+7) on October 4th, 2021, via email to all duly registered teams. All other supplementary materials and appendices will be made available on the VGCC website. and may be updated periodically. Teams are strongly encouraged to use these resources in their analysis and are welcome to conduct further independent research for other resources that they find essential to their analysis. If your team registers after October 4th, we will send the official case via email within 24 hours of registration completion.
  • Webinars: VGCC Committee may hold informational sessions as the need arises. These will be announced on the VGCC website and by email to the Team Leaders of registered teams. Team are strongly recommended to submit their questions at least 24 hours prior to such sessions.
  • Case Submission: Each team can submit only ONCE for each round. No changes will be accepted. All submission files should be named “Username_VGCC2021_RoundNumber”. For fairness and confidentiality reasons, the actual names, personal information, and university’s name MUST NOT be included anywhere in the submission content.
    • First Round: Submission of PowerPoint slide decks (16:9) not exceeding 10 slides (exclusive of cover page) AND a video presentation not exceeding 5 minutes. This should be submitted by 12PM (GMT+7) October 17th, 2021 via our Account Portal. In case where the submission is available on a weblink (Google Drive/DropBox/OneDrive or similar), ensure that the link is set to be accessible for all with the permission to download the documents. Also ensure that the timestamp of last activity is before the submission deadline. If the link or any content is found to be modified after the deadline, the submission will be disqualified. If the file is not accessible to the VGCC team, it will not be considered.
    • Second Round: Submission should consist of your full proposed solution of no more than twenty (20) A4, single-spaced pages (inclusive of title page and appendices) and should be submitted by 12PM (GMT+7) November 7th, 2021, via our Account Portal. In case where the submission is available on a weblink (Google Drive/DropBox/OneDrive or similar), ensure that the link is set to be accessible for all with the permission to download the documents. Also ensure that the timestamp of last activity is before the submission deadline. If the link or any content is found to be modified after the deadline, the submission will be disqualified. If the file is not accessible to the VGCC team, it will not be considered. Each qualifying team must also submit proof of current student status (an official letter, copy of transcript or another official documentation).
    • Final Round: Finalists will make a 20-minute live presentation of their Second Round’s entries before a panel of judges. In preparing the presentation, finalists may NOT introduce any new concepts, solutions or issues. The presentation must reflect the solutions already proposed in Round 2. Final slide decks must be submitted to the Committee no later than 24 hours before the final presentation date. All team members must participate in the presentation. Following a 20-minute team presentation, the teams will respond to questions from the panel in a Q&A session.
  • Late submissions will not be accepted. Only one submission per team will be allowed. Teams should ensure plenty of time to submit prior to the deadline.  Delays due to high network traffic or other technical issues can and do occur around the submission closing time. VGCC will not be responsible for any such delays leading to the inability for teams to submit on time.
  • In case that you cannot submit your documents via our Account Portal, please send us an email at with the proof or screenshots of your problem, along with the time stamp of the issue. as soon as possible.
  • Submissions that do not meet the validation check, are incomplete, incorrect, incomprehensible, not received, or do not otherwise comply with the rules, terms and conditions in this document, will be disqualified. The decision of the VGCC will be final.
  • All submissions must be in English.
  • Please submit any further questions relating to the case or case submission to

Selection Process:

  • All submissions will be screened for completeness and eligibility requirements as stated in the application. Disqualified submissions will be notified via email.
  • Subsequent submissions will be assessed by a panel of judges comprising faculty, staff, and industry experts and corporate partner representatives.
  • Final Round presentations will be assessed by a panel of judges comprised of senior academics, leading industry experts and senior leaders from our corporate partner.
  • All decisions concerning the evaluation of submissions, selection of potential winners, declaration of confirmed winners, and all other determinations pertaining to the competition are at the sole discretion of VGCC committee.
  • Submissions will be evaluated according to VGCC’s established criteria, including but not limited to, the following:
    • Quality, style and content of submission
    • Adherence to the submission requirements
    • Quality of the problem analysis
    • Quality of the solutions proposed, including an analysis of implement ability and measures of outcomes
    • Quality of the business concepts, market and industry analysis and risk analysis used to justify the recommendations.
  • The decision of judges for each round will be final. The Committee may provide feedback to the participating as and when appropriate and feasible. No appeals or requests for reconsideration will be entertained.

Awards and Winner Notification:

  • The following prizes will be awarded to winning teams. Additional prizes may be announced later at the discretion of VGCC and/or our partnering company.
    • First Prize: $USD 10,000 (net)
    • Second Prize: $USD 5,000 (net)
    • Third Prize: $2,000 (net)
  • Finalists/winners will be notified by email and may be requested to provide additional documentation (including government-issued identification) required by the Committee team. Failure to provide such documentation in a timely manner may result in disqualification.
  • Teams must ensure their contact information is valid until the end of the competition. VGCC team will not respond to bounce-back messages from invalid email addresses.
  • Final results including winning teams will be declared only after the VGCC team confirms that all rules and regulations have been complied with.

Requirements for Original Content:

  • All submissions must be the original work of the submitting teams. Specifically, submissions:
    • must be the original creation of team members;
    • must not contain any copyrighted materials unless the teams have secured the rights to the materials. VGCC has a zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism. In case that the submitted works is claimed to constitute infringement of any proprietary or intellectual proprietary right of any third party, Applicants shall, at Applicants’ sole expense defend or settle against such claims and shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless VinUniversity or any of our partnering companies from and against any suit, proceeding, claims, liability, loss, damage, costs or expense, which VinUniversity or any of our partnering companies may incur, suffer, or be required to pay arising out of such infringement or suspected infringement of any third party’s right;
    • must not contain any profanity, offensive language, nudity or otherwise objectionable material, the determination of which is solely at the discretion of the VGCC;
    • must not have been published elsewhere prior to the competition, in whole or in part.
  • All sources of submissions must be appropriately cited using the APA Citation format. Click here for an APA citation guide.

Expectations for Professionalism:

  • Teams must maintain total professionalism towards partners, judges, or any members of the VGCC. Any evidence of sabotage or wilful acts that may cause any harms will lead to immediate disqualification of the team.
  • Teams must ensure to provide correct, accurate and current information about their student status as well as their contact information in registering for the competition. All Applicants warranty that Applicants meet the eligibility requirements. Ineligible applicants and their teams will be disqualified.
  • The Competition is intended to provide a learning experience for the students in business skills and to encourage healthy competition and professionalism. The Rules, Terms and Conditions cannot attempt to cover all possible scenarios. If problems arise, we expect to resolve any issues or disputes in the spirit of the competition. 
  • VinUniversity reserves the right to confirm the Applicant’s eligibility at any time, or ask for additional confirmation or documentation.
  • VinUniversity is not responsible for any opinions contained in team’s submissions.


  • By entering the competition, applicants agree and acknowledge that VinUniversity becomes the owner of the submissions and that VinUniversity may use the submitted content for non-commercial purposes. These include reproduction in VinUniversity social media, events, news or promotional materials, whether in print, electronic, or other media, including VinUniversity’s own websites. By participating in the 2021 VinUniversity Global Case Competition, all applicants grant VinUniversity the right to their names and submissions for such purposes. All applicants agree to sign any copyright transfer or permission document requested by VinUniversity regarding this paragraph.
  • VinUniversity honors the right to privacy and data protection for all applicants. Data from this competition will not be sold or provided to a third party for commercial purposes, although it may be shared with our corporate partner for information about their products and services.

Additional Terms:  

  • By entering this competition, applicants agree to hold VinUniversity harmless from any liability that may accrue to VinUniversity by virtue of the content of the presentation submitted by them to this contest.
  • By entering this competition, applicants agree to all rules concerning the competition that now exist or that VinUniversity may publish in the future, and to any decisions of the Judges.
  • By entering this competition, applicants agree and acknowledge that they are undertaking participation in VinUniversity’s events and activities as their own free and intentional act and assume responsibility for their own well-being.
  • By entering VinUniversity Global Case Competition, the teams agree to all rules concerning the competition.

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